International Paul Brönnimann Award

For a few years, the FPB was ditributing an award to scientist active in the foraminifera reaserch field.

  • 2010

    Laureate: Dr Lennart Jan de Nooijer

    Foraminifera promote calcification by elevating their intracellular pH

  • 2006

    Laureate: Oliver Friedrich

    Biological and environmental effects of Late Cretaceous benthic foraminiferal stagle isotope compositions

  • 2001

    Laureate: Petra Heinz

    Laboratory feeding experiments: response of deep-sea benthic foraminifera to simulated phytoplankton pulses

  • 1997

    Laureate: Edouard G. Reinhardt

    Paleoenvironmental Evolution of the Inner Basin of the Ancient Harbor at Caeserea Maritima, Israel - Foraminiferal and Sr Isotopic Evidence